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Always innovative, Rigel delivers new technologies and products that redefine the state-of the art. All with the promise of green innovation, intelligent technology and clean comfort that makes life easier and better.
WC IntegraSense Flush Valve
Rimless Water Closet

Cleanliness and hygiene are always important. Modern sanitation has played its part in improving general health around the world. 

Anti-Bacterial Sanitary Ware

Rigel is always looking for new ways to do things better, and our Self-cleaning, Antibacterial technologies offer users greater hygiene than ever before.

LED HydroPOWER Series

Rigel’s LED Rain Showers light up bath time with vivid shades of red and blue, illuminating cascading droplets like dazzling, sun-lit raindrops.

Remote Control

Manpower is one of the greatest expenses for any business, especially in the hospitality / commercial sector. The RC-1000 remote control marks a quantum leap in increasing work efficiency and restroom management that will benefit every commercial property.

Wall-Hung Urinal Bowl

Greater protrusion and anti-splash bowl help keep restrooms spick and span. Intelligently designed deep bowl prevents unwanted splashing and keeps users happy

Sensor Tap & Sensor Soap Dispenser

With cool-blue LED illumination, the 300GG series of paired sensor tap and soap dispenser offer an intriguing alternative, with illuminating graphic symbols on the body of the tap and dispenser.