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Manpower is one of the greatest expenses for any business, especially in the hospitality / commercial sector. The RC-1000 remote control marks a quantum leap in increasing work efficiency and restroom management that will benefit every commercial property.

One controller lets you fine-tune settings on all Rigel sensor equipment, including Water Closet and Urinal Flush Valves, taps and soap dispensers and hand dryers, one bathroom at one time, rather than one device at a time. The time savings in not having to disassemble sensors to change simple settings is immense.

Simpler control over settings, testing and adjusting parameters than ever before, lets you maximise efficiency and minimise costs, easily.

Other Advantages
  • User-friendly operation - Site maintenance people can be trained to use the device without difficulty
  • Eliminates time consuming labour - No need to unscrew front panel and use a screwdriver to adjust parameters
  • Sleek, lightweight controller - No bulky toolkit required