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Rigel’s LED Rain Showers light up bath time with vivid shades of red and blue, illuminating cascading droplets like dazzling, sun-lit raindrops. The radiant hues go from green to blue to red as water temperature rises, enhancing safety with visual indicators - no need to test the water temperature with precious skin!

The cost of all this comfort, luxury and safety? Very little, with high-efficiency LED lighting powered by the flow of water itself, requiring no external power or maintenance, for virtually zero environmental impact. Yet another great innovation from Rigel, Singapore’s authority on groundbreaking bathroom ideas.

Rigel, green bathroom ideas that make sense for the world, and for you.


Powered by the flow of water through the system, Rigel’s LED rain shower, LED hand shower, LED basin mixer taps and LED concealed cistern use no extra energy or resources to perform their task.

Each time the tap or mixer is turned on and water flows, a solenoid valve opens and allows the water to spins a turbine rotor like a windmill. This turbine causes a generator to produce electrical energy, which is stored in a rechargeable battery. This battery powers the sensor system, including the high-efficiency LED lights, and activates the solenoid. Simple, dependable and self-contained, the HydroPOWER system is reliable and elegant.


Other Advantages

  • Resource-friendly – not only does the HydroPOWER system consume no external power, the turbine rotor also helps restrict water flow and reduce water consumption. The battery lasts longer too, which means even more savings
  • Aesthetically pleasing – the vibrant hues light up any bathroom, and the simple, sleek and enclosed mechanism means the elegant design is preserved, with no added clutter
  • Reliability – HydroPOWER’s innovative engineering is simple, effective and durable, meaning less maintenance costs
  • Longer battery lifespan – the generator-powered rechargeable battery system offers twice the lifespan of a purely battery-powered system, which means lower maintenance requirements and costs