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Everything Rigel, in one convenient location
Befitting the company headquarters, the Singapore showroom features a complete range of Rigel’s product offerings. Demonstration suites showcase the latest technologies and products, including a residential suite heralding the company’s foray into the residential market.


New ideas and opportunities for an eager market
Malaysia boasts the oldest rainforest in the world. It is apt then that Rigel’s Malaysia showroom is adorned in natural materials as décor. Primary a marketing extension of Rigel, it is an invaluable resource for architects and developers in search of bathroom solutions for their projects.


Promoting sustainable solutions in nature’s backyard
Spearheading the company’s thrust into the South America, the Chile showroom offers a continent famous for it’s natural heritage a look at leading eco-friendly restroom solutions.


Throwing light on new bathroom ideas for an emerging market
A gateway to the burgeoning Indonesian market, Rigel’s showroom in Batam caters primarily to the retail market.


Restroom solutions to keep pace with a rapidly growing economy
In a developing economy, Rigel’s Sri Lanka showroom offers plenty of ideas and technology to support the country’s many projects in development.

Sri Lanka

Rigel is proud to announce the opening of its showroom in Cambodia, extending our preeminence in the South East Asian market for sanitation solutions.